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Type A Custom Storage Services


Mer-Çim A Type Bonded Warehouse offers bulk and / or partial storage services to its customers with its location 2.5 km from Mersin International Port and 1.5 km from Mersin Free Zone.


Mer-Çim A.Ş., which has a 5 ton capacity ceiling crane in the warehouse and a 20 kg precision 80-ton scale in the open field offers fast solutions to its customers in loading, unloading, handling and transportation services with its expert team.


Bonded Area: 11.000 m²  (Indoor: 8500 m² / Outdoor: 2500 m²)

Duty Free Area: 1000 m²  (Indoor: 500 m² / Outdoor: 500 m²)

Liquid Storage: 2000 m³

Warehouse Servıces


Mer-Çim Custom-free Warehouse, which is 10 km from the Mersin International Port and 8.5 km from the Mersin Free Zone, provides alternative storage services for the needs and demands of customers. Within the warehouse area, there is an 80-ton weighbridge available with 20 kg accuracy.


Indoor Area: 12.000 m²

Outdoor Area: 3000 m²

Ethyl Acetate Productıon 


TACO chemical was established in 2019 in partnership with Kiraz Group and Costachem. TACO Chemical is the Turkey's first and only high-tech Integrated Ethyl Acetate Production Facility. With the advantage of being the first and only domestic manufacturer, it increases its domestic and foreign market share and expands its network in the field of chemistry.


Since ethyl acetate is a strong solvent, it is mainly used in packaging, paint, pharmaceutical industry and agro-pharmaceutical industry.