Tallow Fatty Acid

  • Brand: Kiraz Kimya
  • Min Order: 25 Ton
  • Production Capacity450 Ton/Monthly
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Payment Terms: Full advance payment
  • Delivery Terms EXW,FCA,FOB

Kiraz Group established the Integrated Tallow Fatty Acid Plant in Mersin Free Zone in 2013 and has become the first domestic producer of this commodity. With this investment Kiraz Group has removed the external dependence of Turkey on this commodity. As of 2019, Kiraz Group has increased its production capacity and accelerated the export of the product by entering foreign markets.


Tallow Fatty Acid is produced by hydrolysis of crude fat obtained from tallow fat of cattles and separation of glycerol. Tallow Fatty Acid is Used in various different chemical fields especially in grease production in the mineral oil sector.


In chemistry and biochemistry, fatty acid is usually a carboxylic acid with a long, aliphatic tail. Of the long carboxylic fatty acids, 4 carbons (butyric acid) and longer chains are counted as fatty acids; When talking about the fatty acids that make up natural oils (triglycerides) it can be assumed that they are at least 8 carbons (such as caprylic acid). Most natural fatty acids have an even number of carbon atoms because their biological synthesis uses acetate with two carbon atoms. In industrial production, fatty acids are obtained by hydrolysis of the ester bond in oils (triglycerides) and separation of glycerol.