What are tallow fatty acids?


Tallow fatty acids are a own family of fatty acids derived specifically from animal fats, more specifically of bovine starting place. These acids are a combination of saturated fatty acids (as myristic, palmitic and stearic) and unsaturated (along with palmitoleic, oleic and linoleic).

Such acids can be marketed preserving the equal fatty acid distribution of tallow, or can be completed prior to distillation partial hydrogenation that will increase the stableness of the product. Depending on their use and application we are able to choose one or the other.

For overall hydrogenation previous to distillation, animal stearic acid is received.


Tallow fatty acids: Origin and extraction

Tallow fatty acids are acquired from the hydrolysis of beef tallow (or animal fats). That fatty acid can be hydrogenated or now not, previous to the distillation method. This hydrogenation can be complete until saturation or partial. The very last stage is the distillation procedure.

Tallow fatty acids: Properties and programs

Tallow acids are solids at room temperature, with a white light yellowish hue, although the color depends on the form of process this is conducted.

Its freezing point is between 42 ° C (product unhydrogenated), among forty five-fifty five ° C in case of partial hydrogenation and between 57-60 ° C in complete hydrogenation (stearic). Depending on its use we can opt for one or the other.

This is an acid that is carried out in numerous fields and oleochemical industries inclusive of: education of soaps, cosmetics, detergents, metal soaps, esters, among many others.

Tallow is a key to the improvement of more than one factor products because it has a real and useful functions. The oleochemicals are gaining good sized floor to the chemical substances because they're more green, low-priced and ecological devoting to one-of-a-kind industries as a market of remarkable ability media.

Fatty acids from partly hydrogenated tallow due to the low content poli-saturated- fatty acids are especially appropriate for the polymerization of ABS, SBR and different rubbers. They also are intermediates inside the synthesis of softeners.

It is one of the celebrity components in the oleochemical market considering that it's miles a very powerful acid for the production of numerous business products. The electricity and relevance of oleochemicals are gaining pretty a following because of the quality, efficiency, protection and profitability of this market.